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Do real international education Cultivate the talents of the future with a global vision by discovering the concept of educating the whole person We have the international courses you want! During the two international campus open days, we received dozens of families to visit and consult. After listening to the lectures, the parents had a deeper understanding of the International Department's Australian and American high school courses. Mrs. Chen, who is responsible for the enrollment of the SACE project for the Weiming Group, flew to Qingdao twice to provide detailed course answers for students and parents who wish to study in the UK and Australia. Director Alice Zhao of the International Department gave a professional introduction to parents on how to do a good job of connecting domestic and international courses, "the advantage of the American High School project of the Weiming International Department" and "the international curriculum progression plan". Mr. Bradley, the academic director of the foreign party, also comprehensively demonstrated the concept of discovery education and holistic education in the international department from the aspects of academic and student management and teacher training. Every open day strives to make every student and parent feel more realistic about the curriculum and campus life of the International Department. The children walked into the classroom and interacted with the foreign teachers. The open day also completely restored the state of the usual class, so that the children could more intuitively feel whether such a course can adapt and whether such an atmosphere is suitable for them.   Parents take care of the quality of the curriculum for the children, and the children experience the learning atmosphere themselves. Only if they really like it, will they be willing to invest fully. On the spot, the students who passed the written test and interview received the admission notice issued by the director of the International Department. Sign up for payment and wait for the start of school! After a short day of course experience, many students are looking forward to more. Long summer vacation is coming, how to open the holiday in the right posture? Parents have asked the International Studies Department about the arrangements for the summer vacation. Is there a course that can improve your child's language skills? Can you live in school and let your child exercise their self-care ability? Can physical exercise be arranged as well? In short... Classmates and parents are looking forward to the summer activities of the Weiming International Studies Department. The school is dedicated to creating an international PBL summer camp that combines academic and creative power. In the all-English immersion environment, you will have fun! Long follow the figure to identify the QR code and get detailed summer camp information! Click "Read the original" to grab the quota online! Time: July 14 - 20 Content: Robot + 3D printing + creative art English animation dubbing + English drama performance + English music Swimming lessons + tennis lessons + baseball lessons + archery lessons Chinese and foreign teachers jointly teach, immersive English environment Age: 5-10 Price: 3280 yuan Tel: 0532-86720568 / 86727676 Online appointment: "Click to read the original" Gentle Reminder To welcome the upcoming results of the senior high school entrance exam, On July 7th (this Sunday), starts at 9:30 The International Department Admissions Team accepts 1-on-1 Admissions Counseling. Students are welcome to make an appointment to visit the school, participate in written examinations and interviews, and challenge the Million Scholarship! Students and parents who are interested in learning about international courses are welcome to visit the school. You can make an appointment in advance. The Chinese and foreign directors of the International Department will communicate with you one to one. Reservation phone: 0532-86720568/86727676 Address: Qingdao Weiming School International Studies Department 636 Xiangjiang Road, West Coast New District