The most beautiful encounter,the best future Qingdao Weiming ISD grand opening of the 2018-2019 academic year Completion ceremony

Good encounters always make people feel fortunate. The days of Weiming are memorable. At 8:00 am on July 3, Qingdao Weiming School ISD 2018-2019 school year completion ceremony is grandly opened in the Weiming Theatre. Walk through the red carpet and settle down for a good encounter At 8:00 in the morning, accompanied by the sun, with joy, the children of the International Studies Department dressed in formal attire, took their parents’ hands and slowly walked over the red carpet leading to the Weiming Theater. "Take a parent's hand to walk a red carpet. From then on, I want to be a solid support for my parents, thank my parents, give me life and help me grow." Walk through the red carpet and write down their own signature on the wish board near the theatre. Solemn, elegant and ceremonial. This red carpet leads to the Weiming Theatre, also symbolizes that it leads to the best future for the children. USA 2+2 program completion, grateful to see each other At 8:30 , the ceremony officially began. The ceremony was hosted by Wang Shuxin from SACE 2018, Yue Linlin from SACE 2019, Wang Weisen from Grade 10 USA 2+2, and Shao Minglu from the 10th grade of Southlands Program. The fluent Chinese and English co-hosting brings a different experience to the audience. Endless gratitude, endless feelings. After the official opening of the ceremony, the host expressed their gratitude to the leaders and teachers of the school, and then the director of the International Studies Department, Zhao Lijuan, took the semester summary speech on behalf of all the teachers. In particular, for the children in the graduation class, she expressed her congratulations, encouraged the children to go up to the next level and to write the beautiful poem of their own life with the pen of wisdom, and once again she introduced the International Studies Department’s Southlands and SACE projects to all parents present. After two years of study, the students of Grade 10 USA 2+2 program have become excellent and confident, and they have now prepared well to study abroad. They are the pride of the ISD and the pride of Qingdao Weiming School. They are going to go to the United States a month later, and at this moment, every flower and grass on the campus is telling their past, beautiful and unforgettable. The parents of the children also expressed their gratefulness for the cultivation by a video. The children also gave flowers to their parents to thank them for their help. With the support and care of parents, they will be able to move forward on the road of dreams without fear, and be the back of parents in the future! In the following part, President Lei Lixia and Vice President Han Wen, Director Zhao Lijuan, Foreign Academic Director Dr. Steven and homeroom teacher Kang Yuying gave a certificate of completion for the six graduates. President Lei gave scholarships to outstanding graduate students Zhang Wenli and Liu Mingmei in recognition of their efforts and sweat on the road ahead. At the time of the separation, the children prepared a gift for school: the calligraphy works of "Jing Cai Xing Chi". These four words are from the heroic collection in the famous Tengwang Pavilion of Wang Bo in the early Tang Dynasty. “Jun Cai Xing Chi” refers to the local talents shining like stars. In the eyes of the children, Weiming School is such a place. There are high-rise buildings and outstanding school leaders. There are knowledgeable and talented Chinese and foreign teachers. Of course, there are students who are brilliant and talented. Here, talents and stars shine. Therefore, it is appropriate to give these four words to the school. Through these four words, the children also wish that the school will be better and better, and more and more excellent students will be cultivated through high-quality education! At this moment, Weiming School also prepared a small gift for them. May the children remember the school's cultivation and embark on the road of life! The deep unwillingness of being apart spreads in the hearts of the children, parents and teachers! Excellent rewards, academic excellence The academic commendation of this ceremony first recognizes the children who have made academic progress in this semester. They must become better themselves before becoming the best, and all the sweat of their efforts will water the flowers of success. Looking at their improvement, teachers and parents are also proud of them. The students who won the progress award are Zhao Yixiao and Guan Jinran from SACE 2018; Zhang Xinyu and Yue Linlin from SACE 2019; Zhang Xiaoran from Mei Gaoban; Zhang Ben and Chen Junnan from the International Preparatory Class; Liu Yuhe from Southland's 11th grade; Jia Ziliang and Lin Yize of the 10th grade of Southlands; Jiang Xinyu of the 9th grade of Southlands; Yuan Xinyu of the 8th grade of Southlands. The awards that were subsequently awarded were the Best Leadership Awards. These student leaders used their actual actions to interpret the meaning of responsibility. In group activities, we always saw their busy figures. When they were busy, they always smiled. They propped up a blue sky for the entire international studies department.They are: Qiu Chuanxi, Wei Jialu, Shao Minglu, Liu Mingmei, Liu Yixuan, Zhu Weiyu, Su Jiadi, Niu Tianze, Li Zilin, Wang Shuo, Hua Manqi, Wang Ning Tianyu. Next, the awards presented were the SACE Program and the Southlands Program Scholarship, which recognizes the students' great achievements in the academic period. They are the SACE Gold Award winner Chen Haoran and the silver winners Geng Lin and Zhang Shaohan. First-class scholarship of Southlands Program goesto Yang Zhongze; second-class scholarship goes to Liu Yuhe, Cai He. The final awards were group awards that won the third prize in the Weiming Group's career exploration competition. They were YueLinlin, Zhang Zhixiang, Teng Kangxu and Guo Yusong from theSACE 2019. In the last part of this session, the graduates representative Liu Mingmei, delivered a speech on her graduation. She recalled the past life on campus. She was very grateful. She thanked Weiming School for her growth. At the same time, she told her brothers and sisters not to waste time and just work hard for their ideals! Students’ performance, Show youth talent The last part of the ceremony is also one of the most anticipated parts. Southlands grade 7 children brought you an English tambourine song "The Show", bringing the audience to a cheerful atmosphere, letting everyone feel the beauty of youth; Wang Han teacher-directed international studies department: the original English drama "I am a Qingdao Person" won the unanimous praise of all the audiences in the audience. The T-show performance brought by the preparatory children brought the whole ceremony to a climax. The children played up and they took their Chinese and foreign teachers up to the stage to do model steps together, and the scenes were bursting with joy, bringing a burst of laughter to this summer; the foreign teachers’song "Far from home" was melodious and infinitely beautiful; this semester elective class guitar class played "Chun"which makes us feel like we have returned to the best years ever; finally, the song "The Days in Qingdao Weiming School" brought by all the students of USA 2+2, let us see that they are growing up. The happy time is shot but unforgettable. At the end of this semester ceremony, President Lei felt the growth and changes of the International Studies Department since the semester began. she believes that every child here will get the best growth. Qingdao Weiming International Studies Department is committed to expanding more international education channels for children, helping each child to succeed in studying abroad! All Weiming teachers will strive to cultivate more outstanding students through high-quality international education! In the end, she sent a blessing to the children of the graduate class, wishing them all the best in the United States, and wishing all the children of the International Studies Department can meet their excellence! With the ending announcement of the host, the International Studies Department 2018-2019 academic year completion ceremony was successfully concluded! The children of the International Studies Department will surely take the wind, break the waves, grow up for the sake of success, and succeed in the Weiming! Because we firmly believe that every moment in the days to come is brand new! You were a spectator at the previous ceremonies, and today you have become the protagonist today. May you shine every day in the days to come.