It has been over one month since the new semester started. The ISD students have shown good spirits. New students not only kept up with the pace academically but also performed well. As you know, if you want to get a high score in ISD , you must not only know how to learn, but also take an active part in the classroom activities and show a good learning attitude, which will be shown in your GPA. Last Friday, the ISD 2019-2020 academic year mid-term awarding ceremony was held in the Weiming Theater to present the certificates to winners, including Southlands Honors, SACE Monthly Star of Progress, Caribou Contests for Middle School and High School, Certificate for Swimming, the First Art Painting Festival Top and the Certificate of Organization.
Academic achievement and excellence by maintaining a 3.0 or 3.49 GPA during the Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 academic year

Jiang, Xinyu Anna; Jia, Ziliang Andrew;

Lin, Yize Lester; Shi, Anqi Sunny;

Men, Shengxiang Tom; Yuan, Xinyu Allen;

Wei, Jiaxuan Crystal; Tian, Xinyu Jason;

Academic achievement and excellence by maintaining a 3.5 or 3.99 GPA during the Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 academic year

Jiao, Zixiang Jeremy; Zhao, Junyi Tony

Chu, Waiting Tiffany; Jin, Shaowen Fay;

Wang, Jiani Jennifer; Wang, Chenyuan Wendy;

Wang, Jiahui Max; Wang, Shuo Selina;

Academic achievement and excellence by maintaining a 4.0 or higher GPA during the Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 academic year

Yang, Zhongze Alex; Wang, Ningtianyu Vicky;

Liu, Yuhe Caroline; Tian, Jiahe Tony;

Wang, Xingran Miya; Qiu, Chuanxi Nina;

Shao, Minglu Bruce;

SACE Monthly Star of Progress
SACE18 Spring Guan, Jinran

Self evaluation: I am so happy that I became SACE most improved student again. After a period of study in SACE class, I have clearer future goals and have made great progress. More importantly, I have learned to be more self-disciplined. In my spare time, I like drawing and playing basketball. Playing basketball makes me happy and painting makes me immersed and more focused. I actively participate in various school activities such as the basketball match between SACE students and Southlands students, the basketball match between Guangzhou Weiming School students and Qingdao ISD students, ground chalk painting, and the 70th anniversary of our motherland. In addition, in the process of preparing for the assessment, I volunteered to ask teachers questions over and over again. In the evening self-study session, I concentrated on learning by myself. These have made me achieve excellent results in the assessment and my English ability has also improved. I like my class very much, and all my classmates are united and friendly.
Parents’ remarks: When Guan entered the SACE class, he felt confused. After an initial adjustment period, he set his goals and had his own study and future career plans. At the same time, English ability and academic achievement have greatly improved. Finally, I hope that he can be determined to pursue his own dreams and embrace his bright future.
Teachers’ remarks: Guan is a boy who loves basketball and painting. He is sincere and wise, pays attention to class activities, and can contribute to the class during special events. His painting is really excellent. He also defined his goals and directions during this semester. After continuous effort, his achievements have also made new breakthroughs. I believe that he will become better in the near future. Come on!
SACE19 Spring Su, Jiadi

Self evaluation: I usually like to play football, sing and paint. After coming to the SACE class, I improved my academic performance, and became more open and more flexible. In the SACE class, I participated in many performances or speeches that I had not participated in before, and I was brave enough to show myself in public. I still remember when I attended the New Year's Day celebration with my classmates for the first time. I became more confident. During the Dragon Boat Festival, I represented the ISD to participate in the stage play "I am a Qingdaoer". This is my first time performing an English stage play, which greatly re-enforced my determination and confidence in learning English as well as my aspiration to help more students learn English well. In the ground chalk painting activity which just concluded, the works of our class achieved good results. This is also a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China. It is the SACE class that has inspired and changed me. I have been more active in participating in various class and faculty activities. The care and guidance of national and international teachers in the SACE class also gave me a clearer understanding of my goals! There are lovely classmates in the SACE class, which makes me more and more lively and cheerful. I love SACE class!
Parents’ remarks: In the SACE class, the time for students to learn autonomously has increased. At home, Su can take the initiative to complete his homework and arrange his own study time and study plan without parental supervision. The child became more polite to the elderly and greeted the elderly proactively. He has got new learning goals and become more proactive! In the New Year's party, I saw his performance and obviously he became more confident. In the EAL class, he shared his group's PPT content with teachers and classmates, a display of his improvement in English proficiency and expressiveness! At the graduation ceremony of the ISD, I saw his performance, which made me very moved and amazed at the changes he made in the SACE class! Thanks to the school and the teachers for what you’ve done for Su.
Teachers’ remarks: Jiadi has always been a relatively well-behaved child in the SACE class. In the beginning, Jiadi did not pay enough attention to his studies. Since Jiadi took part in the career planning course, he became the group leader and became more confident in learning, setting clear learning goals. When Jiadi first came to the SACE class, he did not care about class honors. Now he has become very active in maintaining class honors and participating in activities. After the event, he also actively helped teachers to organize items and clean the classroom. Jiadi is a good student with excellent academic performance. He often helps other students to learn Mathematics and English. He has been a good role model in the class. His progress is obvious to all!
Caribou Contests
Middle school&High school Caribou Contests is a global online mathematics competition initiated by the famous Canadian mathematics professor Thomas Wolf and officially supported by the Canadian Mathematical Society. It is North America's most influential international mathematics competition in the school. It is supported by the Canadian Mathematical Society, an authoritative academic institution. Every year, there are more than 160,000 students from more than 29 countries around the world attending the contest with instant and unified rankings. Winners will be invited to participate in the world's top scientific competitions and research projects. More than half of the students in this contest have achieved good results. 5 students are from the middle school and 4 of them ranked top 40% in the world, among which 2 students ranked top 20% of the nearly 14,000 students participating in the competition!

Xu, Liang Oscar; Yu, Wenkang Blake;

Zhang, Xinyu Demi; Liu, Yixuan Kim;

Cheng, Xiaotong Paul; Su, Jiadi Jayden;

Chen, Yixin; Hou, Xiwen Siven; Pan, Yuxi Peter;

Yin, Song Wilson; Liu, Xincheng Jack;

Chen, Zhitao Tony; Xiao, Qishan Astrid;

Zhang, Yuqian Grace; Lin, Guobang Bob;

Li, Wenyue Esther;

Not only did the students achieve outstanding results academically, but the diverse curriculum also allowed the students to fully exercise their artistic talents. In the "Sports Cup" primary and secondary school swimming competition held in the West Coast New Area in October, Linda of the Southlands Grade 8 of the ISD won the third place in the middle school women's 100m breaststroke project, and Kim of SACE won the first place in the high school women's 50m breaststroke.

The First Place: Liu, Yixuan Kim

The Third Place: Li, Yuling Linda


The Art Painting Festival held by the ISD for the 70th anniversary of the National Day won unanimous praise from all walks of life. The students' works received a total of 58,515 votes. The editor received many favorable comments and encouragement in the background. The works are appraised for their creativity. In the end, the works "Golden Autumn" of SACE 2019 won the first prize, the "Autumn Wishes" of SACE 2018 the second place, and "Dance by the Sea and the Clouds" of Southlands Grade 8 the third place.

The success of the Art Painting Festival is inseparable from the organizers’ efforts. Some of the new members of the Students Union have played a pivotal role in this event. Under the guidance and leadership of the art teacher Justine, we strive to make every detail the best to show the excellent qualities of student leaders.

Jiang, Xinyu Anna; Xu, Liang Oscar;

Shao, Minglu Bruce; Wei, Jiaxuan Crystal;

Learning is boundless, and they light the torch of learning with hard work;

Learning and sports interact, and they measure the length of the lane with their vigor;

Unwilling to be mediocre, they use their world rankings to prove their abilities;

Into practice, they use dedication to show the colors of youth;

With unity and collaboration, they get the most recognition with cooperation and innovation.

Since the determination to learn from the good was made, we must have a firm and strong mind.

Only those who are not afraid of the wind and rain can trace the brilliant stars.

May all of you become brave and light-pursuing teenagers!