Professional Training of SACE Teachers,Dream Achievments for Reputational International Sniversities of Students

As the official authorization center of South Australia Certificate of Education, International Study Department of Qingdao WeiMing School provided all SACE teachers a systematic training as a new semester gift on 3rd September.
The training was given by Abdel, who is the academic director of SACE program of Mingming Education Group. Li Hong, the teaching director of SACE program and Zhao Lijuan, the director of Qingdao ISD participated in the training with all the teachers.
At the beginning of the training, Abdel reiterated the authority of the SACE curriculum system again. He also talked about the cooperation between the South Australia Certificate of Education and Qingdao WeiMing School. He reaffirmed that Qingdao Mingming School is the only school that cooperated with the South Australia Certificate of Education.
There are mainly three parts in the morning training. The first part is the division of the student's academic system and school year between Stage 1&2 and Pre-SACE. The second part is the ways of student evaluation and the promotion of teachers teaching plans based on their Assessments. The third part is the evaluation of students' academic and life behaviors.

The SACE program is authoritative and professional. Students will learn core courses in academic writing, mathematics, and science within 2 years. Only with the necessary academic ability can we grow into true international elites. Our teachers not only want to help children to enroll in famous universities abroad, but also to have all the skills to study abroad successfully!
The training in the afternoon was mainly conducted for EAL teachers. Abdel first asked about the progress of assessments of each grade, and then he emphasized the following aspects: Firstly, how to grade students. Secondly, how to encourage students with poor academic ability to improve. Thirdly, how to give students further opportunities for improvements and finally how to identify whether a student's thesis is plagiarism.

Later, Abdel communicated with student representatives from all grades of SACE program. He told them the types of assessments and the assessments they had to complete at different stages. At the end of the training, Abdel shared important experience about international academic management as well as how to keep continuous the promotion of the SACE program with Alice Zhao, Doctor Bradley and all the homeroom teachers. Furthermore, we aim at helping students apply for university and eventually succeed in studying abroad!

After the meaningful training, teachers had a clearer understanding of the SACE curriculum , their sense of responsibility and dedication has been enhanced. All the teachers who participated in the training benefited a lot. I believe that all SACE teachers will keep on doing their best to help the ISD students achieve their goals!