To the motherland – Color Painting Art Festival of ISD, Qingdao Weiming School

Dedications to National Day with Ground Art paintings by International Department of Weiming School

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China, the International Department of Qingdao Weiming School held a ground painting event on the afternoon of September 28th. The 2019 Student Council cooperated with the teachers of the Fine Arts Teaching and Research Group to initiate and organize the event. The students of the International Department and the national and international teachers have turned their love and blessings towards the motherland into beautiful pictures in the beautiful campus.

Thin rhetoric can't appeal to our heart. Simple tunes make it difficult to express our feelings. Let us draw your appearance on your land. It is a Chinese rooster standing in East Asia. It is an Oriental dragon proud of the world's nations. The students and the teachers of the ninth grade of Southland plotted a map of China and matched the motherland with the most beautiful colors.

A teenagers’ dreams can be a very small stone, or a very large castle. They can be a very close leaf, or a moon that is far and far. This "Magic Castle" was drawn by the children of the 7th grade of the International Department of Southland. "When people don't know the high wood, they wait until it grows high into the sky." Our power is called limitless.

There is a lot of fruit in the farming and farming, and it is not necessary to be the same. This is the biggest feature of the children of the International Department. It has all-round development, diligence, study and personality. The works of Southlands 10th grade students, "The Fruit of Autumn", shows the characteristics of the international students through this works, and also shows their lively and uplifting personality.

My dream is to be an astronaut. My dream is to walk on the moon. My dream is to explore the universe! SACE 2018 Fall-intake and SACE 2020 students' joint work "Creation" draws out their childhood dreams. Maybe many of you will become artists, designers or the future, but don't forget that all of you set sail from the whimsical dream of childhood.

Picking up a touch of yellow from the autumn, and a piece of gold from the sun, SACE 2019 students' works "Golden Autumn" chose to decorate their work with warm colors, and also paid tribute to Austria's great symbolist painter Klimt. May China stay young and always beautiful.

Azure is the color of sea and sky, and sincerity is the banner of the young. The students from Southland’s eleventh grade draw an abstract work “Enlightening wisdom”. The eagle represents wisdom, courage and vitality, and the light symbolizes inspiration, hope and light. Hope that you will fly like an eagle, and shine like a bright light.

I love you China, dear mother. I love you from the morning sun to the sunset, from the full moon to the new moon, from the vast desert to the virgin forest, from the snow-capped mountains to the running river... We are confident, brave and sincere. We are eager to see the world, and we love peace. The students of SACE 2018 Spring Class chose to draw one of olive tree series of Master Van Gogh's works. Their works, "Autumn Vision" expressed their most powerful commitment to the motherland: the motherland has me, and the road is great.

The ocean is your flying hair, the spray is your hair accessory, the moonlight is your background, and the cloud is your clothing belt. We stand on the coastline of the motherland and scream to the motherland loudly: You will always be the irreplaceable place in my heart. The eighth grade children of Southland developed their rich imagination to create a painting named "Sea Cloud Dance", which brought the most beautiful ornaments to the motherland.

You ask me why I like sun flowers? Of course, not only because of the delicious sunflower seeds, but because it is full of the smell of the sun. You don’t have to look up, however, you know it’s shining, like a young person, with a smile and a firm face. No need to ask more, it is clearly that a brilliant tomorrow will not be late. The students of the 12th grade graduating class of Southland, based on the world famous painting Sunflowers, presented a bouquet of "Blooming Sunflowers" for the birthday of China.

Today, our wings are not yet full, so we can only choose to use painting as a gift for your birthday, and put on the painting clothes for the land we love with our sincere heart. We will return when we are learned and paint the most beautiful blueprint for the construction of the motherland.