Transmit wisdom,impart knowledge and resolve doubts

The influence of a good teacher on the students is a crucial turning point in life, an asset that accompanies him throughout his life. As a practitioner of international education, we often hear their sighs: When children live on campus, we merely spend half time with them compared with their teachers. Just one word not only shows the hard work of our teachers, but also their important role. Imparting knowledge and educating people is the teacher's responsibility, because companionship and communication make us the most reliable people with children. While giving love, we can also gain happiness, and be continuously grow.


To transmit wisdom,impart knowledge and resolve doubts , no matter East or West, no matter Chinese or international teachers, the foundation of academics is study. From lesson preparation, material preparation, lesson scheme submition, to academic research, academic training, and ... There is no end to learning, and diligence is the key to success . Teachers are the pathfinders of students, and teachers enrich themselves all the time. ISD provides a platform for efficient communication seminars for Chinese and foreign teachers through Professional Development and Formal Observation.

The academic meetings are rigorous, nevertheless, the atmosphere is usually easy and fun, coffee, biscuits and afternoon tea, this is the ISD "Big name forum". Some foreign teachers moved the class scenes to the training site. The "classmates" consciously accessed the roles, and everyone shared different ideas of problem solving. Daniel, an English literature teacher, introduced his Autonomous Learning to the Chinese and foreign teachers. , which guides students to learn independently, and showed his teaching mind and teaching methods. This curriculum sharing event has triggered a heated discussion between Chinese and foreign teachers. This is the significance of this academic research, so that the teachers' educational thoughts will create new ones. This can help us explore more appliable teaching methods for international students.

Dr. Bradley, the International Academic Director, guides the teachers to break routine ways of thinking, provide more divergent and creative ideas during the teaching process, and discuss and share with teachers in a timely fashion to form a teaching and communication bridge. Jessica, the supervisor of Southlands program, shared how to get each student involved in the classroom and how to design a unique group activity so that students can solve problems through independent discussions. Later, she shared with teachers teaching management methods and teaching websites that assist their daily teaching. Joe also showed the software that he used during the teaching process. Maurizio shared class games. During the game, each teacher has fully participated in the game and realized the fun of the game. Rich and interesting teaching activities can change students' attitudes towards learning, and have much fun in learning process, thus greatly improve teaching efficiency.

Dr. Bradley, Academic Director of ISD, expressed his views on regular professional training and the Formal Observation. He believes that peer learning is very important in education. The managers and teachers can learn from each other. This process is achieved through academic observation and assessment. Academic observations help teachers improve their teaching ability and practice their teaching skills. Without entering into the teachers' classroom, they will not understand their teaching abilities, and they will not understand the excellent performance of students. We should appreciate and be proud to have such professional and dedicated teachers. Academic training exchanges can transform and integrate other subject effective teaching techniques , and improve their teaching level. In this way, these academic activities can enable Chinese and foreign teachers to share their experiences and have better understanding about each teaching philosophy, so as to design a teaching model that is more suitable for the international students.

The teacher needs to have love, patience and responsibility while lecturing,  teaching, imparting knowledge and resolving doubts. This is not a duty, but a kind of nature that is automatically formed when we stand on the teacher’s platform. Director Zhao of ISD once shared us her educational philosophy: Each child is like a flower, but the flowering period is different. For Some th flowering season is in the early spring, and some the flowering season is in the warm sun of April. We are willing to irrigate every bud, so that every child can bloom in the most beautiful colors.